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It is intended that the work or the association be carried out through the committees.  If you would like to join a committee, please contact the chair of that committee.


Social Committee

The Social Committee members’ duties are to plan and manage special social functions for Association members and welcome new residents. 


Civic Affairs Committee

The Civic Affairs Committee members’ duties are to (i) attend meetings of governmental bodies affecting the Association and monitor and recommend to the Board support or opposition to zoning changes and other city/government-oriented community issues that could affect the neighborhood, and (ii) serve as the Association’s liaison to neighborhood schools.


Crime Prevention Committee

The Crime Prevention Committee members’ duties are to report unsafe situations in the neighborhood and make recommendations to the Board to improve the safety of the neighborhood. The members are to develop activities to facilitate neighbors working together to prevent criminal activity and implement the basic Crime Watch guidelines as recommended by the Dallas Police Department in the Crime Watch Manual. 


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee members’ duties are to respond to communications received from Association members and nonmember residents as determined by the Board. The members shall keep the Association members informed of the business of the Association and activities in the neighborhood by preparing newsletters and updates for distribution by the Block Captains. 


Block Captains Committee

The Block Captains duties are to maintain communications with Association members on their block and as appropriate, with nonmember residents. The Block Captains shall distribute newsletters, event announcements, voting documents or other solicitations prepared by the Board and its committees. Block Captains shall also keep the Board and its committees apprised of suggestions and feedback from members living on their block. A representative of the Block Captains Committee shall be entitled to participate in each Board meeting as a voting Board member.


The chair of the Block Captain Committee is designated to keep Block Captains informed on Association affairs and receive information from Block Captains for Board members use. With the assistance of Board members and committee chairs, the Block Captains Committee chair is also responsible to see that the initiatives needing Block Captain action are coordinated to ensure the efficient use of the Block Captain time. 


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall be chaired by the Vice President; its members will solicit and encourage households, both new neighbors and existing ones, within The Meadows to be active members of the Association. 


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee will inform the Board of its nominees for elected Board member positions. This committee will also collect nominations for elected Board member positions from the General Membership and will prepare the final ballot for each annual election of elected Board members.  If  such member is willing to so serve, the Immediate Past-President of the Board will serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.


Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee members’ duties are to make recommendations to the Board regarding aesthetic improvements that affect the neighborhood as a whole. This committee may also select a “yard of the month.”