The Meadows Neighborhood Association



Tuesday, August 24


 Proposed Development at

Walnut Hill & Central Expressway (Zoning case Z034-202 RB)



This newsletter provides you with the status and final report from TMNA Development & Zoning Task Force which has been working with Provident Realty Advisors (PRA) and the City Plan Commission.  After the Plan Commission’s decision on August 12 to delay until August 26 its resolution on the above case, the Task Force continued to discuss and negotiate with PRA to work toward an appropriate re-development of that site.


The Task Force has continued to stress with PRA the importance of a premium development that will have a long term positive impact on our neighborhood’s quality of life and property values.  Despite the best efforts of the Task Force and Provident Realty Advisors, the parties have not been able to reach agreement on several critical aspects of the proposed development. 


In recognition of the differences between the Meadows’ needs and the developer’s ability to make specific commitments to the Meadows, and the time pressures from the current property owners, the developer has decided to discontinue further negotiations with area neighborhoods and withdraw its application with the City for re-zoning.  It is anticipated that the City will honor the developer’s request and remove the Zoning application from consideration.  Thus, it is not necessary for neighbors to attend this Thursday’s (August 26) hearing of the City Plan Commission.


The past six months have consumed an enormous amount of time and energy on the part of your Neighborhood Association and its volunteers.  These volunteers included not only the Civic Affairs Committee and Development & Zoning Task Force, but countless other neighbors who took the time to provide feedback, those who assisted with copying and distributing newsletters, and our Webmaster. This effort has resulted in a better understanding of the neighborhood’s willingness to consider redevelopment of this very important piece of property adjoining The Meadows and the conditions under which that development should occur.  This investment of time and energy will only have positive effects for our neighborhood as we consider future development prospects for the properties in our immediate area.


This is the final report from the current Task Force.  As always, please contact The Meadows Neighborhood Association for any ongoing news or important information pertinent to our neighborhood.  If you are not currently receiving updates via email, please register your email address from our website at




Eric Anderson and Chris Buehler

Meadows Neighborhood Task Force Co-Chairmen