The Meadows, Windsor Park, and Glen Lakes

>>> Joint Neighborhood Task Force Update<<<

September 2, 2005


 Regarding the Proposed Development at:

Walnut Hill & Central Expressway (Lakeside Apartments)


This neighborhood update is being sent to:

·        Summarize the joint neighborhood meeting and provide feedback on the neighborhood vote held on Monday August 22nd

·        Provide information about next steps and anticipated activities


August 22nd Joint Homeowner’s Association meeting

Over 250 neighbors attended the presentation of the joint neighborhood task force at Hillcrest High School on Monday, August 22nd.  The meeting was also attended by City Council Members Linda Koop and Mitchell Rasansky, and City Plan Commission Chairman Bruce Wilke.  If you were not able to cast your ballot and would like obtain feedback about the meeting or express your opinion, please contact one of the task force members below.


As of Thursday, August 25th, over 150 households from the three neighborhoods had cast their ballots.  Of the four task force recommendations, the following results have been tallied:


Question 1:  Do you support quality re-development at Walnut Hill & Central?

Task force recommendation:  Yes                Result:  100%  Yes


Question 2:  Do you withhold support of the re-zoning application in its current form?

Task force recommendation:  Yes                Result:  98%  Yes


Question 3:  Do you wish the task force to continue negotiations as long as an acceptable agreement appears to be within reach?

Task force recommendation:  Yes                Result:  99%  Yes

NOTE:  Any negotiated agreement will be presented to the neighborhoods for approval


Question 4:  If no agreement is likely, do you support re-development under existing zoning?

Task force recommendation:  Yes                Result:  94%  Yes


Next steps and anticipated activities

Based on feedback from the meeting on Monday, August 22nd, the joint neighborhood task force will continue to work with the developer and the City of Dallas to try and reach an agreeable re-development plan for the Lakeside apartments.  As noted above, any agreement or recommended position will be presented to the joint neighborhoods for discussion and approval.


The next formal step in this process will be setting a hearing date for the re-zoning application before the Dallas City Plan Commission.  Approximately two weeks prior to this hearing date, the City of Dallas will mail notification ballots to all neighbors who live within 500 feet of the Lakeside Apartments.  For neighbors in Glen Lakes, please coordinate ballot collection with the Glen Lakes HOA office.  For neighbors in The Meadows, please contact either Eric Anderson or Chris Buehler for ballot collection.  Contact information is included below.


Approximately one week prior to the Plan Commission hearing, the City of Dallas Staff will render its recommendation (“Staff Recommendation”) of the re-zoning application.  This information may or may not be available before the joint task force is able to present its final recommendation to the neighborhoods for discussion and approval.  This recommendation will be summarized and shared with neighborhoods as soon as possible.


The earliest possible date for a Plan Commission hearing on this re-zoning application is expected to be in early October.  That date is not yet established, but as soon as the hearing date has been set the joint task force will notify you.  Please keep your email and phone number contact information up to date with your respective homeowner’s association.


Thanks again to all the neighbors who made the effort to attend last Monday’s meeting.


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