DEVELOPMENT UPDATE – Walnut Hill Lane & US 75


Residents in The Meadows again received an anonymous notice at our homes Sunday 7/11/04 titled, “UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE”.  The bright yellow “Update” was not written by TMNA.


Also, we all received a flier titled “Meadows Homeowners” from Provident Realty Advisors, Inc.  As stated in the mid-June update from The Meadows Neighborhood Association (TMNA), the Provident flier provides a certain perspective. The following information contains facts that Provident’s communication omits.


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This update is intended to provide our homeowners with new information obtained since our last notice.  Provident Realty Advisors has simply rearranged the development tracks on their Conceptual Plan Development for the City so that it looks like a new plan. But the written Ordinance that would govern development should the zoning request be approved, still allows for 425,000 sq.ft. of commercial development, 691 Multi-Family Units (an increase from their previous proposal), 50 Patio Homes, big box  retail up to 95,000 sq.ft.    In other words, nearly the same number of M-F units, plus 50 patio homes, plus almost ten times the commercial development that currently occupies the site.


It is important to remember that our neighborhood remains open to high-quality development proposals that are well defined and improve our quality of life.  The Concept Plan Development submitted by Provident Realty Advisors is not such a proposal.  


The re-zoning application pertaining to this site is on the Plan Commission Calendar for Thursday, July 22 and is unchanged since its submission in April.  The date of this hearing can change.   In order to obtain an update you may call the City Planning Division:  214/670-4209.  The meeting is held in City Council Chambers and begins at 1:30 pm.  The agenda for the meeting will be available Friday July 16.  Even once the agenda is set, there is no way to know exactly what time this case will be heard.


Each party (both for and against the proposed re-zoning) is given 15 minutes TOTAL to present their opinion.  This means that the representatives of the neighborhood associations will be working together to choose how to use the limited time to our best advantage.  If you are planning to attend the meeting to present your opinion, it may not be feasible for you to speak individually.  Your Civic Affairs Committee has been compiling the input of all interested homeowners to present a unified position at the hearing.  Please contact one of the Committee members listed at the end of this notice, if you have not already done so, to insure that your ideas will be incorporated.  Residents are encouraged to attend as a show of support for our position.  If you need any further information about attending the meeting, including transportation, please contact one of the Committee members listed at the end of this update.


It is still important to express your views, in writing, to District 11’s City Plan Commissioner (and Chair of the Commission), and City Council Representative.  Be sure to refer to Case #Z034202.


Bruce Wilke, Chair                                              Lois Finkelman, Councilmember

City Plan Commission                                          Office of the Mayor & City Council

7227 North Janmar Dr                                         1500 Marilla, 5FS

Dallas, Texas 75230                                           Dallas, Texas 75201


Civic Affairs Committee members: Judy Evans, Chair (214/739-9016;  Eric Anderson (214/360-0545; Chris Buehler (214/378-8656; Cindy Haynes (214/373-0707; Bobbie Horwitz (214/662-2223; Victoria Mitchell (214/360-0812 Jim Pangman (214/368-8232;


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