July 19, 2004


RE:  Walnut Hill/Central - Case No.: Z034-202 (RB) 




Dear Meadows Neighbor,


The hearing for the above case will be delayed.  You can stay home on Thursday, July 22nd.


After receiving your feedback at last Thursday's meeting and holding subsequent discussions with the Meadows Civic Affairs Committee, Provident has informed us that they will be asking for more time to negotiate with the neighbors on the above zoning case. They missed the deadline for their formal delay, so the case remains on the agenda for Thursday, but we expect that a motion will be made and passed to take the case under advisement and reheard in 3 weeks.  The tentative date for the zoning hearing is Thursday August 12th.  This means that the Planning Commission will make no decision this week.


Representatives from the different neighborhoods will still attend the hearing to be sure nothing else happens.  Please try to keep August 12th open on your calendar.


The city staff recommendation has been released, and they are approving as much as 250,000 sq. ft. of non-residential development. This could be all retail. In comparison, Lincoln Park is 150,000 sq. ft., and Highland Park Village is 180,000 sq. ft.


There are still many issues to be discussed and then brought back to all neighbors for your review.  For example, if this conceptual PD was approved in its current form, the developer could come in and increase the retail density and not tear down some apartments and the residential buffer we have insisted on would not have to be built. While nothing else could be built in those tracts, a very dense commercial tract could still be developed.  We will continue to keep you informed of our discussions, and if you have not provided your email address to us please do so as soon as possible by accessing the website shown above.


Your letters are making a difference, if you have not sent yours, please write now. The commissioners are listening.


We will keep you posted.  Again, please be sure to pencil in August 12th on your calendar.