The Meadows Neighborhood Association


Update Regarding Development at Walnut Hill & Central Expressway

(Zoning case Z034-202 RB)


Dear Neighbors,


As anticipated, action on the zoning case regarding the development noted above was postponed by the Dallas Plan Commission until August 12.Although the Commission postponed a decision, they still received a briefing from the City Planner (Richard Brown) about recommendations regarding the developerís (Provident Realty Advisors) proposed plan.


The City Planner recommended changes to Providentís rezoning application that are very similar to the feedback your committee members and neighbors have been providing to Provident.The density of non-residential development and the location and integration of residential area bordering the Meadows are two of the major items still requiring attention and further discussion.


Other important items:


Organization and Communication:After meetings with Provident on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, a Task Force was organized that will, building on the work of the Civic Affairs Committee, hold working sessions with Provident to discuss their plan, ordinance, and deed restrictions covering the proposed development.This Task Force consists of the existing Committee, augmented with a number of other neighbors willing to devote time and energy to this effort.The Task Force will be co-lead by Eric Anderson and Chris Buehler.


Until the Hearing on August 12th, we anticipate that the amount of communication with neighbors, the City, and Provident will be substantial.In order to ensure that communication is flowing smoothly, Chris and Eric will serve as focal points for collecting and disseminating information with the Meadows and Provident.Their contact information is:


Chris Buehler††



If you are not currently receiving updates via email, please go to the website shown above and forward your information to the webmaster.†††


Legal Representation:We believe the interests of the Meadows will be best served by retaining legal representation.In the past, we have not retained legal assistance due to cost, and because we have been able to benefit from the legal advice being provided during meetings with other property owners adjacent to us.Provident has offered to defray this cost, which is a practice common in developments of this complexity.We will keep you updated on this subject as we talk with Provident and attorneys.


Ongoing Meetings:In addition to the Task Force meetings with Provident, we expect that there will be at least one more comprehensive meeting for all neighbors to meet with Provident, and we hope that our Plan Commissioner Bruce Wilke will also be able to participate.The Task Force will update you as soon as meeting dates and times are arranged.