The Meadows Neighborhood Association


>>>NEIGHBORHOOD UPDATE, Friday, July 1<<<


 Proposed Development at Walnut Hill & Central Expressway
(Lakeside Apartments)


Our last neighborhood update was contained in the March issue of the “Meadows Buzz” newsletter.  Shortly thereafter, the developer (Provident Realty Advisors) was provided key aspects that would gain neighborhood support towards redeveloping the Lakeside Apartments.  These aspects were mutually agreed upon by the homeowner groups of The Meadows, Glen Lakes, and Windsor Park, and then presented to Provident.  The key aspects generally were the quality and density of residential development next to our neighborhood as well as the type and amount of mixed use (residential and commercial) development next to Central Expressway.


Over the past few weeks we have met at length with the developer to reach agreement on many development aspects.  As of the printing of this newsletter, we believe we have reached agreement with the developer on several components of their proposed re-development, including:


·         Density, size, and height of residential homes within close proximity to the Meadows

·         Density, size, and height of mixed use (residential and commercial) structures farther east

·         Overall non-residential area such as retail and office space usage

·         Maximum retail size allowed

·         Required neighborhood approval of detailed residential plan close to our homes


All of the homeowner groups see this as significant progress with the developer, but we still have extensive work to complete on the accompanying legal documentation.  The components of agreement above are contingent upon the legal documentation accurately reflecting these points and other development aspects such as the quality of the development, timing of demolition/construction, etc....


The developer has submitted a draft re-zoning request to the City of Dallas this week, which will trigger a series of events at the City as we saw last year.  We anticipate that the City Plan Commission will hold a public hearing on this case in early September.  As we also experienced last year, we can expect some attention from the press and anonymous flyers placed on our doors.  Please note that all communications from the Meadows Homeowners Association and our Task Force will be clearly identified as such.


At some point in July or August, the City will be mailing Notification Ballots to neighbors who live within 500 feet of the current Lakeside Apartment complex.  We respectfully ask all neighbors who receive these ballots to retain this important document until the Meadows Neighborhood Association can present its final recommendations to you. 


The Meadows Neighborhood Association has set a tentative neighborhood-wide meeting for Monday, August 22nd to discuss and vote on this topic.  Please mark your calendars!


We appreciate the support that the Meadows Neighborhood Association, Civic Affairs Committee, and Development Task Force have provided this year as we continue our negotiations with the City and Provident.  We continue to be committed to you, our neighbors, in ensuring that any re-development of the Lakeside Apartments will be done in a manner that has a lasting positive impact on the Meadows.



Eric Anderson and Chris Buehler

Meadows Neighborhood Task Force Co-Chairs