The Meadows Neighborhood Association



Friday, August 13


Regarding the Proposed Development at

Walnut Hill & Central Expressway (Zoning case Z034-202 RB)


Dear Neighbors,


This newsletter provides feedback from our HOA meeting on Monday, August 9 and the Dallas Plan Commission briefing and hearing on Thursday, August 12.


On Monday about 100 neighbors met to discuss the latest proposal from the developer (Provident) and to review the current position of the Neighborhood Task Force.Also in attendance were our City Council Member Lois Finkelman and our City Plan Commissioner Bruce Wilke.


At the conclusion of the meeting we voted on several issues:

  1. Accept or reject the developerís current proposal to the Commission (0 accept, 62 reject)
  2. Agree or disagree to keeping the current apartment complex (4 agree, 57 disagree)
  3. Accept or reject the general Task Force recommendations (50 accept, 10 reject)
  4. Accept or reject support for the Task Force to negotiate a project that is considered in the best interests of the neighborhood (56 accept, 3 reject). Based on this feedback, the Task Force decided to remain open to further negotiation with the developer.


On August 11, Commissioner Wilke asked if our neighborhood would accept a delay in the Plan Commissionís decision in order to continue negotiations with Provident.We indicated that we were not opposed to a delay. The Commission then voted to delay its decision on the case by 2 weeks.It also decided to put this case on the City Council agenda for Wednesday, September 8.


What Happens Next:


The City of Dallas will send new ballots to homeowners near the site (similar to the Blue Ballots many neighbors received in June).We will be sending more information on this process as we receive details.If you receive a ballot please do not discard it!


Your Task Force will continue to meet with City of Dallas officials and the developer to try to reach an agreement on the proposed development.We will hold at least one more neighborhood meeting prior to the August 26 Plan Commission hearing.


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