The Meadows Association


Proposed Re-zoning of Lakeside at Walnut Hill Apartment Complex



Notice of Hearing


Notice of a hearing regarding the proposed re-zoning of the approximately 42-acre property (known as the Lakeside at Walnut Hill Apartments) at the northwest corner of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway (the “site”) has been or will be mailed to you shortly.


The hearing before the City Plan Commission is scheduled for Thursday, June 17, at City Hall. The time of the hearing will be set a week before the hearing.


Please see below for some details of what Provident Realty Advisors, the developer that requested the hearing, is proposing for the site.


Please fill out the notice you receive AND DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE THE TIME AT WHICH YOU SIGNED IT.  If you omit the time, your response won’t be considered by the City.


You can return the notice directly to the City or you can give it to Judy Evans, Cindy Haynes or any board member so we can hand carry it to the City prior to the hearing.


Please let us know if you plan to attend the hearing.


Details Regarding the Re-zoning


Provident is seeking to re-zone the property from a Planned Development (PD) to a Concept PD. The Concept PD gives PRA much more flexibility in developing the property than a PD.


Right now, there are about 850 apartments on the site. Provident’s proposed re-zoning would allow them to put 600 apartments on the site AND 475,000 square feet of commercial space—about the size of Preston Center.  In addition, some buildings could be as many as 8 stories or 140 feet tall.


Let us Know What You’d Like to See


The Meadows’ Civic Affairs Committee has had numerous meetings with Provident but Provident is resistant to our requests (primarily for a PD and less density of  commercial space and fewer residential units). The Committee continues to develop ideas about an acceptable level of development that we can discuss as a neighborhood. There is a sense among most of the neighbors we’ve talked to so far, including those in nearby neighborhoods, that some sort of development at the site is desirable.  Our goal is to at least maintain and if possible increase the value of our property.


The Meadows Neighborhood Association, along with the associations for Glen Lakes, Windsor Park, and properties to the north of the site, have submitted a letter to Bruce Wilke and Carol Scott, our representatives on the City Plan Commission, stating our opposition to any type of zoning that is not a PD


Beyond that, we'd appreciate getting your feedback regarding the specific requirements listed below, in case this proposed re-zoning is approved or we receive notice of future proposals to redevelop the property. 


NOTE: Richard Brown, a City employee who was charged with conducting a detailed analysis of Provident’s proposed re-zoning, will submit his findings to the City next week—we might want to take account of his findings/recommendations before we finalize ours.


Any new formal PD must contain:


1. Maximum commercial space of 125,000-250,000 square feet for a combination of office/restaurant/retail use.  For comparison purposes, the development at Lincoln Park (across NW Highway from NorthPark Mall) is about 150,000 square feet and Highland Park Village is about 190,000 square feet.




Disagree? If so, why?



2.  Commercial space must be situated no closer than 250 feet to the east of the alley that borders The Meadows




Disagree? If so, why?



3. Two commercial units may be as large as 25,000 square feet (like Bed, Bath & Beyond) and one may be as large as 50,000 square feet (like the Flagship Tom Thumb at Lincoln Park). All others must be less than 25,000 square feet.




Disagree? Is so, why?




4. Maximum height of commercial space (with height being measured to the pitch of the roof) is 75 feet for buildings that are 500 feet and beyond from The Meadows, and 50 feet for buildings that are 250-500 feet away from The Meadows. For comparison purposes, West Village would be a good example of the taller space; Lincoln Park is a good example for the space closer in.




Disagree? If so, why?



5. Residential development along the alley that borders The Meadows must be single story, owner occupied and a minimum of 2,200 square feet; remaining residential development can be 2-3 stories.  We’d prefer that the backyards of these homes back up to our alley, rather than a street or alley for those homes.




Disagree? If so, why?



6.  A new masonry wall, at least 9' high, along alley that borders The Meadows, and a new masonry wall along the southern border of The Meadows, from the alley west to Airline.




Disagree? If so, why?




Other issues we’ll be keeping an eye on are (1) the impact on traffic (Richard Brown’s report to the City will be useful for this) and (2) ingress and egress to the site, and the impact on The Meadows.