About the Meadows

The Meadows is a neighborhood in the northern portion of Dallas, Texas. The neighborhood was originally the Glen Lakes Golf Course prior to its development into residential housing during the 1960's. The Meadows extends from Meadow Road on the north to Walnut Hill Lane on the South, and to Airline on the West.

The Meadows Neighborhood Association was originally formed in the 1970’s. It's purpose was to teach, inform, and work with the city and the Glen Lakes developer to adopt restrictions on the property of The Glen Lakes Golf Course. The outcome of the chartered task was successful. With our desirable location, the quality of homes, the low crime rate, and the need to protect and enhance our property values, the Association is more important than ever.

The Meadows Neighborhood Association is a voluntary organization that serves its members by acting as a resource to hear neighborhood-related issues and facilitate responses as appropriate, with a goal of enhancing the desirability of The Meadows as a residential neighborhood. The Association's board of directors is responsible for directing its affairs, but it is expected that the Association's members will also actively participate in the Association activities.

Association Goals

  1. Foster a sense of community among residents of the neighborhood.

  2. Preserve and enhance the property value and improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.

  3. Assure that neighboring properties affecting our property values are maintained at or above City of Dallas Code requirements.

  4. Support anti-crime activities.

  5. Support neighborhood beautification activities and projects.

  6. Work with other neighborhood associations for the benefit of our community.

  7. Communicate with our members and neighbors using open meetings, newsletters and the website.