Hello, Neighbors!  It’s the time of year for the annual Meadows Neighborhood Association voluntary dues to be collected by the Treasurer. 

Funds are used to pay for the annual budget items, which total $4,200 per year on average and include:

  • $1,800 for Median Appearance at Boedecker/Walnut Hill – including seasonal flowers in Spring and Fall plus irrigation

  • $1,200 for Spring and Fall block parties

  • $800 for Median Maintenance – including landscape maintenance and cleanup twice monthly

  • $400 for Clerical Expenses – including Meadows website fees; mandatory City of Dallas insurance coverage; Meadows Post Office Box; Meadows Checking Account fees

Thanks to all of those who have already donated!  The suggested amount per household is $25-50 per year.  Please make your check payable to “Meadows NA” and return by November 30 to Paul Interrante at 7330 Blairview. 

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Follow us on Nextdoor by clicking the link above.

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